Sustainable Trainer with Influence can

GIVE when they don't have to.

CARE for others.

GROW continuously.

Live authentically.

EMPOWER other.

MANAGE hardship.

SERVE with humility.

WORK towards a sustainable future.

How to show your Positive Impacts

in the eyes of the Key Stakeholders

in a new era of sustainability?

69% of corporate brands across the globe stated their business

is integrating the SDG into the business strategy

If you are doing Up/Re-skilling
for Community and/or Corporate

Any Topic in Virtual or In-Person

Who Trust Us

Up/Re-skilling Support SDG


SocietyNext Foundation
Sustainable Trainer Network

Who Trust Us

Sustainable Trainer Network
( Program

Trainer Branding

1) Branded Trainer Email Address  <name> 
forward to multiple emails, without worrying about missing out on messages from friends, communities, colleagues, or clients.

2) Sustainable Trainer Profile Page<name>, first come first serve

3) Shorten Url for your Training Info
7 Shorten Domains:,,,,, and

Training Certificate
Design & Generator

4) Validated Trainer for Issuing Certificate 

5) Drag and Drop Certificate Designer 
empower non-technical trainers (like design powerpoint)

6) Generating Participants' Certificate
PDF files are stored in cloud
each certificate with individual download & verification url

Positive Impacts for the Earth

7) Trainer.Net Program
Joins Planting 1mil Trees Program


Trainer.Net Plan

Original Pricing
Trainer Branding (Item 1-3) USD9.99/mo

Certificate Issue (Item 4-6) USD9.99/mo
Planting Trees (Item 7) Free!

Special Offer
Join Trainer.Net Program

On or before 31 Jul 2021

Item 1-6: USD2.99/mo/profile (annual bill)

(online payment charges USD2 per transaction)

Reserve the Profile Name
(6–30 characters long, contain a-z, 0-9, "-" & "_")
please contact us via

Next Steps:
8) Upskilling Trainer Certificate
9) Annual Upskilling Trainer Award

please contact us via


SocietyNext Foundation ( is an independent registered non-profit organization.


Our Wider Purpose To make meaningful contributions to unmet societal needs through our sharing economy with NGOs/NPOs, where some fees paid to us are redirected towards relatively neglected UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since all of SDGs are vital.

Many businesses have already taken part including those from the Fortune 500, blue chip companies, listed/would be listed companies, private companies, and more.