Social eLabel

4 Types

People are bombarded by thousands of brand messages every day, and the first seven seconds of brand engagement are usually make-or-break. If you want to back up your brand’s positive impact claims, you not only need to communicate effectively, you also need to provide proof that’s backed up by independent third parties. Providing this proof, though, is particularly difficult for social impacts.

How can organizations effectively show their commitment to

social impacts?


The Social Endorsement Label Scheme (SELS) is a holistic social endorsement scheme built to fit the different needs of varied organizations


The first four Social eLabels are based on their position along two spectra: strategic ($, business model) vs. execution (efforts), and business-driven (inside out) vs. community-driven (outside in) . It includes 4 Social eLabels with two categories, Rising and Star.

Rising and Star categories are designed to helps companies around the World make tangible, positive impacts on ESG/Sustainability issues while encouraging their customers to do the same.

Each Label includes THREE STAR tiers, similar to the Michelin Guide: shortlist, one star, two stars, and three stars. The Organization’s name listed in the ESG Game Changers Book.

Customers (B2C or B2B) believe in Its own power to make change, but also believes that brand owners/suppliers must drive actions on social and environmental issues.

Episodic change in companies includes classic examples such as a “program of the month” change, a “one-time off” solution, and/or the consistent change that seem to rarely take hold.

Social Endorsement Label Scheme (SELS) allows you to show that your company is making contributions towards a sustainable future. They, like your social license, can be placed on a website, on social media, interview, and in an ESG report

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