Future-Proof Your Actions for


Many analysts agree that the social factors of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) enhancements are the most difficult to analyze and integrate. Assessing the impact of corporate activities that are focused on the social aspect of ESG remains a challenge for many companies.

These label scheme can help private and public (listed/would-be) organizations easily and publicly commit to addressing social and environmental challenges. A Social eLabel shows efforts are being taken towards positive changes while simultaneously reinforcing an organization’s ESG/Sustainability goodwill.

Organizations that take part will represent the Social Endorsement Label Scheme (SELS) and convey a clear, singular message to customers, impact investors, employees, suppliers, and communities: We are quickly and effectively working towards a sustainable future.


  • Create a deeper connection between company and customers (value beyond product/service feature).

  • Extend trust in the company through transparent communication.

  • Participate in an easy first step towards sustainable business transformation.