SDG Cup Series

Upskilling the Communities 

via Sustainable Trainer

Rising Engage Label for Corporate

Sustainable Trainer with Influence can

GIVE when they don't have to.

CARE for others.

GROW continuously.

Live authentically.

EMPOWER other.

MANAGE hardship.

SERVE with humility.

WORK towards a sustainable future.

How to show your Positive Impacts

in the eyes of the Key Stakeholders

69% of corporate brands across the globe stated their business

is integrating the SDGs into the business strategy


Berenberg Bank, the world's oldest merchant bank since 1590

Gain Credibility of Sustainable Trainer

Accredited Sustainable (Upskilling) Trainer

Aligning with company's sustainability

(over 120 delivery hours (hour(s) * pax) of internal/external upskilling training)

SDG World Record (bi-annual record-breaking)

Record Title:

"Most Upskilling Hours for Needed People around the World"

Recognitions for Company (optional)

Sustainable Stakeholder Engagement, Social Endorsement Label

(at least two Accredited Sustainable Trainers from any department)

SDG Cup Top 10 for Upskilling (Spring, Summer & Fall)

(support SDG 5, 8, 10)




Social Endorsement Label & SDG Cup is Organized by

The Program aims to

1) Help individuals and organizations make positive changes for ESG/Sustainability alignment.

2) Help public and private sector organizations publicly commit to sustainability, and

3) Increase individuals' and organizations’ familiarity with and commitment to SDGs

Step 1

Participating Trainers provide Training & Upskilling

internal employee or external needed communities

either soft-skill or technical know-how

(support SDG 5, 8, 10 which depends on the training participants)

Step 2

Post the Training & Upskilling Events on Social Media

Create Shorten Url and Share with others


Sustainable program will plant a tree for you,

if an external upskilling event

with over 20 likes within one week 

(support SDG 13),, or



Step 3

The Trainer Profile Page empowers non-technical makers to create/update multi-content items

e.g., YouTube videos, documents, social media links, etc on a single web page for effective communication and building transparency and credibility

Sustainable Trainer Profile Page as your future-proof<name>

Who Trust Us

Sustainable Trainer.Net

(Aligning with Company's Sustainability)

Plan A

USD39/month/trainer (Quarter Bill)

1) Shorten Url Support (either one domain)

2) Sustainable Trainer Profile Page

3) Email Forward <name><name>, first come first serve

Plan B

USD79/month/trainer (Quarter Bill)


4) +Shorten Url Support (all domains)

5) +Email Box for <name> by Gsuite

6) +Participating A World Record-breaking

Plan C

USD159/month/trainer (Quarter Bill)


7) +Online Participant Check-in Attendance

8) +Online Training Quiz & Evaluation Survey

9) +Online Certificate Designer & Generator

Join Program

On or before 15 Jun 2021

1) An Additional Courseware from our library (free)

(1 from 300+ in either soft-skill or technical topics)

2) Fee of Certified Sustainable Trainer: Waived

Please contact us via

Social Endorsement Label or SDG Cup for Corporate please contact us via

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SocietyNext Foundation ( is an independent registered non-profit organization.


Our Wider Purpose To make meaningful contributions to unmet societal needs through our sharing economy with NGOs/NPOs, where some fees paid to us are redirected towards relatively neglected UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since all of SDGs are vital.

Many businesses have already taken part including those from the Fortune 500, blue chip companies, listed/would be listed companies, private companies, and more.