Does your project communication have the appropriate level of directness, transparency, and honesty to benefit your communities, customers, investors, team, and overall organization?

Registry of Positive Impact Events

member of Social eLabel Scheme

Maximize awareness and endorsement

before and after with license of the

1) Official Logo, "Registered Positive Impact Event"

2) Unique Event Link for Sharing on Social Media/Intranet

3) Positive Contributions in Eyes of Stakeholders

Stakeholder Communication

In the internal age, the “Easy to Understand Event Link” was created to capture all stakeholders' attention and has the added benefit of being easy to remember in conjunction with a wider purpose message.

Unique event link for each registered (external/internal) event 



the unique event link will be redirected to your own event info

Your Goodwill

The Registered Event is not limited to stakeholder communication. The Social Endorsement Label also considers it as type of evidences during elabel application process.

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