ESG Care Label


Engaging External NGOs/NPOs for Social Endorsement

In the era of ESG, companies get out of the office and into the community. The su which is aligned with UN's Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs and its 169 targets officially adopted by 193 countries all UN members,, is the quantitative units used to measure beneficial impacts. The events  (Endorsed Events) are used to judge a company’s ESG Care Label renewal eligibility.

Companies that earn an ESG Care label must actively maintain their authorized goals and demonstrate continual commitment towards a sustainable future. Companies with the ESG Care Label may, in turn, volunteering to community organizations (e.g., local registered NGO in any country), which qualifies them to receive the Endorsed Event Unit necessary for their label renewal.

Examples of Endorsed Event

  • Native Tree Planting

  • Plastic Free Ocean

  • Greening Our City

  • Recycled Snap

  • Upskilling for needed families

  • STEM Done Sharing

  • Helping Hand

  • ...


Progressive Adoption

The ESG Care Label has been developed by the SocietyNext Foundation. Sister programs include SDG World Records and InnoESG Prize Series. Businesses already involved include those from the Fortune 500, blue chip companies, listed companies, emerging listed companies, and would-be listed companies.

The label well help all public or private sector organizations publicly commit to addressing social and environmental challenges, striving for positive impacts, and reinforcing ESG/Sustainability identity.


Organizations that take part will represent ‘The ESG Care Label’ and stand for a singular, positive message: “Caring for Our Sustainable Future”.


  • Create a deeper connection between company and customers (current & future).

  • Extend trust in the company through transparent communication.

  • Participate in an easy first step towards sustainable business transformation.


Enhancing companies’ ESG/Sustainability Identity Profile

Customers will always be drawn to brands they trust. They want to know more about the veracity of companies’ positive action claims and accomplishments.


With customers being bombarded by thousands of brand messages a day, the first seven seconds in which a person engages with a brand is make-or-break. Effectively Communicate detailed facts and legitimate proof to back up your claims by 3rd independent parties verification that is key.

The ESG Identity Profile was designed to automatically update with the positive impact records.

Pre-qualified Sources include:

  • ESG Care (External-driven) Label,

  • Wider Purpose (Internal-driven) Label,

  • SDG World Records and

  • InnoESG Prize Results.

Without this ESG Identity Profile and its custom link, it can be difficult to let the public easily identify those companies making positive impacts both locally and globally.