Rewarded Items & Application

Reward Items for Each Application:

  1. Social Endorsement Label Certificate

  2. Certificate URL for Verification<RandomAuthCode >

  3. An official Certificate Presentation either on site or at ESG Recognition Ceremony

  4. License of the Official Social eLabel Logo

  5. 1-Year ESG Goodwill Directory (<profile> or<profile>)

  6. Your name listed in the ESG Game Changers Book (upcoming edition)

  7. A copy of the ESG Game Changers Book (upcoming edition)


Application Information:

  • Applications are accepted year-round.

  • The application process takes about 6-10 weeks.

  • In order for us to verify your achievement (meet particular Social eLabel criteria), we require a number of pieces of evidence, interview if necessary, which will vary depending on the Social eLabel type you are applying for.

  • The renewal cycle is annual, beginning from the Social eLabel issue date, for all public or private sector organizations.

  • Admission fees are based on verification tier.

To learn more about submitting an application or evidence, please email us or contact our ESG Circle Partners.