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Fostering Strategic Collaborations between

the Business and Community Organizations

Social eLabels are durable commitments created for win-win situation. In a strategic collaboration, joint authority is created to carry out a common mission. The parties engage in different modes (resources or efforts)  and operate well-defined communication channels.

Everyone who earns a Social eLabel must actively maintain their authorized goals and demonstrate continual commitment towards a sustainable future. The renewal cycle is annual for all public or private sector organizations.

Companies with the Social eLabel may, in turn, donate resources ($ or volunteers) to Endorsed Community Organizations (ECOs), which qualifies them to receive the Positive Impact Units (PIUs) necessary for their Social eLabel renewal.

The Social Endorsement Label Scheme (SELS) endorses different community organizations around the world (without any charge). ECOs are organizations that have pre-qualified activities or programs that generate PIUs of SDG Cup's BadgePledge Label and  Engage Label.


The PIUs, which are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are the quantitative units used to measure beneficial impacts.


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